Whether your storage needs arise due to home renovation or a pending move, UNITS is there to help. And as we get nearer to the fall season for buying and selling homes in Atlanta, we want to arm with you a little information about some of the national markets.

Depending on where you may be headed, the search could take some time. And in that case, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage can be of incalculable help in keeping your valuables safe and getting them to where you ultimately go.

What’s hot in the real estate market? Austin, Texas. The capital city is booming. The same can be said for much of the Sun Belt.

Austin leads a lineup of sunny and relatively affordable metro areas — Phoenix, Nashville, Tampa, and Denver — deemed most likely to outperform the nation in home value growth, according to a panel of economists and real estate experts recently surveyed by Zillow. Austin is just riding an explosion in real estate – as of mid-December 2020, the median list price for homes in the Austin metropolitan area was up 23.6% year-over-year — the largest rise among the 50 largest U.S. markets.

Just be aware as you plan to move that certain markets are more competitive than others and that bidding on houses can be intense.

And remember that UNITS is here to help you with your storage and moving needs.

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