Houses sell the fastest in late spring and summer, which means many sellers will be staging their homes this spring. This season is popular for home staging for a number of reasons, in fact. Many of our customers utilize our Atlanta portable storage containers services as they stage their homes. Learn how and why by reading the rest of our blog below!

Store excess furniture and decorations.

Naturally, the number one way our customers use our portable containers is as a storage solution. Staging a home often involves paring down the furniture and other belongings in your home down to a somewhat minimal or neutral aesthetic. All that stuff has to go somewhere! If you’re in the middle of your move or otherwise don’t have access to your new residence yet, this is especially useful.

Organizing your staging furniture and other materials.

If you’re in the middle of your move, you’ll want to organize and separate the furniture and other belongings you’ll use to stage your home from your other things. Portable storage containers give you a secure and convenient space to safely sort your stuff.

Easily transport home staging items.

No matter how you stage your home, the process will likely involve a good amount of transporting furniture and other belongings between different locations. An easily-transportable portable storage container from UNITS of Atlanta can help facilitate this process immensely!

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