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Moving and Portable Storage Services in Lakewood Heights, Atlanta!

Here at UNITS, we know that moving can be a big task, but that’s why we are here to help! Moving with UNITS is moving made easy; schedule your container, load it up, and we handle the rest.  We can deliver your filled container to your new home, or we can place it in climate-controlled storage until you are ready to unpack it.  It’s that simple!


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Moving to your new home in Lakewood Heights, Atlanta

Lakewood Heights sits just southeast of downtown Atlanta, making it easy to get to all that the amazing city of Atlanta has to offer! Living in Lakewood Heights mixes the urban feel of the city with a suburban residential feel to make it a quiet place for those who love the culture of Atlanta.

Lakewood Antique Market

Transported from the original sprawling market at that Southeastern Fair Grounds in Atlanta, this 75,000 square foot is home to 10 halls, packed with vendors who have been selling with the Lakewood Antique Market for over 20 years! Whether you’re searching for something special or just looking to browse and see where the day takes you, this market is sure to keep you fully entertained!

Raphael’s Cafe

So small town, they don’t even have a website! But that’s how you know it’s good.  With nothing but good-ole BBQ, Raphael’s has what you need to scratch that traditional BBQ itch!


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United States Postal Service:

1590 Jonesboro Rd SE

Atlanta, GA 30315

(800) 275-2777

Southern True Value:

3686 Moreland Ave

Conloey, GA 30288

(404) 363-1144


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