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Moving to Greenbriar? UNITS is ready to help you!

We know you are excited to get settled into your new home, so let UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Service help get you there!

The process is simple; give us a call at (678) 235-9035 to get your quote and schedule your container’s pick up and drop off.  Once your container is delivered, all you need to do is pack it up with all your belongings, That’s it! Our experienced and professional team will handle the rest by coming to pick up your packed container and safely transport it to your new home or to a climate-controlled storage facilities until you’re ready to have it redelivered to your new home.

Simple, right? Let’s get started! Your quote is waiting for you at (678) 235-9035.


Welcome to your new home in Greenbriar, GA. Let UNITS show you around!

Greenbriar is a long strip located on the southwest side of Atlanta, with just a short drive into downtown.  Mostly residential, Greenbriar is a small community with easy access to amenities to make the day-to-day errand running easy and leaving the big time eats and destinations to the city. 

Greenbriar Mall

While the main attractions of Downtown Atlanta are amazing, sometimes it is really helpful to have it all in one easy to access place. That’s exactly what Greenbriar Mall offers.  With over 150 shops and places to eat, this mall also hosts events and offerings, like a Food Truck Fest held in the large parking lot!

Big Daddy’s Southern Cuisine 

The name pretty much speaks for itself, but just to be clear, this traditional southern eatery packs some serious flavor.  There are over 20 side dish options. So, finding something to eat isn’t the issue, it’s about deciding which thing to eat! No matter what you decide, Big Daddy’s is full of flavor and a traditional southern comfort meal experience.


Helpful places to know in Greenbriar


3030 Headland Dr SW

Atlanta, GA 30311

(404) 344-0177

Lowe’s Home Improvement:

3625 North Commerce Dr 

(404) 838-2000


Let’s get you started with UNITS Moving and Portable Storage Service of Greenbriar at (678) 235-9035

Ready To Make The Move?


(678) 235-9053

Our local owners and managers are ready to assist you in what you’ll soon be calling your easiest move yet. Get started today by filling out our online quote form.