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Moving to Sylvan Hills, GA? Let UNITS help!

Getting ready to make your move, but not sure which moving company to help you with your transition? Let UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Atlanta be there for every step of the way.  

Our state of the art container system keeps your belongings free of mold, water and even UV damage, making your move safer during any time of year. Experienced UNITS movers will take care of the heavy lifting (literally!) to get your container from one place to the next.  Let us determine how to best meet your moving needs, simply give us a call at (678) 235-9035 to get a quote and get started!

Your new home of Sylvan Hills! Let UNITS show you around

Diverse, vibrant, convenient and affordable, Sylvan Hills is just minutes from the bustle of Atlanta.  An easy commute to the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport make it a populate spot for travelers yet  without the air traffic noise. Transportation to and from the major neighborhoods of Atlanta and plenty to do and see on it’s own make Sylvan Hills a great place to be!

Life Bistro

Cool and delicious places in Atlanta are not hard to come by, but Life Bistro is just a little extra special; it’s fully vegan!  But please don’t mistake “vegan” for “flavorless” because these southern-vegan-eats are packing with flavor with some interesting and incredible combinations to make all your vegan experience one to remember! Their mission is to “highlight cuisine from around the world while featuring classic American comfort food, veganized” and we don’t think you want to miss it!

Metro Fun Center

As the largest state-of-the art fun center in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area,  The Metro Fun Center has it all! Home to more than 120,000 square, this family fun center has bowling, skating, laser tag, bounce houses, arcade games, pool tables along with multiple food and drink locations. Metro Fun Center is sure to provide day-long fun for the whole family.

Some helpful link in Sylvan Hills

Atlanta Tire Depot:

1824 Murphy Ave SW, Suite A

Atlanta, GA 30310

(404) 549-7934

Ready To Make The Move?


(678) 235-9053

Our local owners and managers are ready to assist you in what you’ll soon be calling your easiest move yet. Get started today by filling out our online quote form.