Planning your move to Atlanta? You’ve come to the right place. The moving experts at UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Atlanta have years of experience and frequently give exclusive tips and tricks to new Atlanta residents. The process of packing up your belongings, selling your house, and relocating to a brand new city can be intimidating. However, with some research and preparation, your transition can become more smooth and stress-free than you could’ve possibly imagined. For example, one of the first tips we offer to our customers is to move in the spring.

  1. Cooperative Weather. If you’re from the north, you likely know that the winter months are probably the worst time to move. Although blizzards aren’t so much of a concern in Atlanta, spring is still the ideal time to move due to our summer heat waves. Beat the heat and move in March or April.
  2. Primetime for Garage Sales. If you haven’t already, you’re probably taking an inventory of all your belongings before you make your big move to Atlanta. If you find a good number of items that you don’t need or use anymore, the mild spring weather represents the perfect opportunity to hold a garage sale. Who could argue with earning some cash and making your move lighter at the same time?
  3. Peak House-Selling Season. According to the popular real estate listing site, spring is the ideal season for selling your house. All other factors aside, spring will help you stage your house in the most attractive way possible. Maximize your curb appeal by selling your house when your grass is green and your garden is blooming.
  4. Capitalize on Spring Break. If you’re moving to Atlanta with kids, then you’re probably concerned about disrupting their schooling. Besides the myriad holidays that might lead to long weekends, don’t forget about spring break. Timing your move during that window will minimize the disruption to your children’s education.
  5. Beat Moving Season. Most people make their big move between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Moving to Atlanta in the spring will help you beat the crowds and hire moving services when they’re most readily available.

Have we convinced you yet? If you can think of any other good reasons to move to Atlanta in the spring, let us know in the comments below! When you do make your move, call the experts at UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Atlanta at for all your portable storage needs!

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