Planning a move to Atlanta? LIke many others, you’re probably thinking about making your big move in the summer. Your kids may be on summer vacation and you can likely count on the summer weather. There are some advantages, however, to moving to Atlanta in the fall. With some forethought and preparation, the fall could be your ideal time to move. The moving experts at UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Atlanta have listed the top three benefits to moving in the fall below.

You’ll avoid the big rush. Like we said, the most popular time to move almost anywhere in the country is the summer. Moving and storage services in the Atlanta area typically become most expensive in the summer due to the high demand. Come September, and you’ll find that not only are these services less expensive, but that they’re also easier to schedule according to your needs.

You’ll beat the heat. We’re not sure if you’ve ever experienced an Atlanta summer, but they can be a doozy. Rather than hauling your belongings in and out of your new home in the sweltering heat, think about moving during a crisp fall day with a nice cool breeze.

You’ll leverage extra buying power. Yes, the house market is smaller in the fall. However, this can give you certain advantages. A smaller, less crowded market means you’ll have less pressure to make an offer. There’s less chance that you’ll enter a bidding war with another buyer. I think any home buyer can agree that a higher chance for an accepted offer is a tempting advantage!

Benefits aside, there are certainly some disadvantages to moving in the fall. For example, you might find that foliage and debris can get in your way or you may run into some inclement weather. These factors are easily mitigated with some preparation, though. Ultimately, the choice is yours!

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