There are many ways that our clients use our state of the art storage solutions to improve their personal and professional endeavors. Here are a few of the many varied ways we bring value to our local community at UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Atlanta.

Storing excess product

Every business has run into an excess of inventory at some point in its operation. This is simply a natural part of managing supply. However, it’s often the case that the ability to house that extra inventory can be quickly consumed during busy consumer seasons. Many local businesses that encounter this problem use UNITS to store overflow inventory. They choose us because of our hassle-free pick-up and drop off policy. They just call us, and their goods are where they need to be when they need them.

Transporting capital to new locations

When new ventures are charted, UNITS is here to help. We are often the go-to location for moving business capital to new storefronts or facilities, and for helping to store capital when locations are being adjusted or renovated. We are comfortable working with businesses and moving large and expensive items safely and securely. If you are considering opening a new location or moving your business to seek a better locale, we want to help!

Storing real estate staging materials

Real Estate is an industry that dovetails quite commonly with the storage industry. We are quite often called up to serve as a holding location for staging furniture and decor for agents who frequently stage homes for open houses. The convenience of our on call pick-up and delivery and the size of our storage units make us an appealing choice for busy realtors. If you have staging furniture and no easy way to store or move it, give us a call.

Holding college dorm items during summer

For students who travel home during the summer, storing college items can be a huge hassle. Luckily, UNITS storage solutions are big enough to hold three or four students’ worth of stuff while they enjoy their summer breaks. Defraying the cost by “storage-pooling” and relying on our on call delivery are two of the reasons why students love to use UNITS to protect their stuff.

UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Atlanta is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service in moving and storage. Our patented storage containers and unparalleled customer service can accommodate all your moving and storage needs. Contact us online to get started!

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