Packing clothes is one of the most painful part of the packing process. Moving clothes can be an annoying task if you have an abundance of clothes. Failure to pack clothing properly can also lead to your clothes getting dirty or damaged during the process of moving. Here are some tips to help you properly pack your wardrobe for clothing.

At UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Atlanta we love helping our customers with every step of the move. If you are considering moving to Miami, UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Atlanta can make your relocation easier. Whether you need a portable storage solution for your move or simply need extra storage space, our UNITS containers provide the perfect solution. To find out more about how to pack your clothes for a move, check out our tips below.

Decide what to bring

The best way to cut your packing is to determine which articles of clothing you should bring with you. As a general rule of thumb, you should leave behind clothing that you haven’t worn in the past year or longer. You should also take into account the climate of where you are moving. If you are moving to Miami, you can most likely leave behind your winter jackets. You can either donate these articles or sell them at a garage sale or online.

Pack early

Getting an early start on packing will save you a lot of stress during the moving process. When it comes to clothing, it is easy to start packing early because clothing is seasonal. This means you can pack away half your wardrobe without worrying about having to frantically open boxes to find something you need.

Pack Efficiently

Sure you can throw all your clothes messily into a garbage bag, but that will lead to your entire wardrobe being wrinkled once it’s time to unpack. If you wish to stay organized you can group your clothes so you know exactly what’s inside every box. Sort clothing by material, season, size, and need so you can stay organized and prevent the creasing and wrinkling of clothes. You can also move dressers without emptying them to save time and pack clothes in suitcases to save space.

We hope our tips help make your transition easier on you and your wallet! If they made your move to Miami any easier, please share your experience in the comments below. To get a free quote on your UNITS container, call UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Atlanta today!

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