Keeping all your belongings safe and protected is one of the important parts of moving. There’s nothing worse than finding out that one of your valuables broke as a result of improper packing or handling. Here are some helpful tips to avoid breakage during the moving process.

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Obtain Adequate Packing Materials

The best way to ensure that your belongings survive the move is to obtain adequate packing materials to pack everything. Having enough boxes, bubble wrap, packing cells and furniture pads to keep everything protected is the best place to start if you want to make sure your belongings remain in good shape.

Double Wrap Your Valuables

Valuables tend to often also be breakables. That is why you should always wrap valuables like dinnerware, antiques, and electronics with an extra layer of padding material to cushion it from bumps and drops.

Know Your Limits

This tip is important not just for preventing your items from getting damaged, but for preventing you from injury as well. You should never try to lift anything that exceeds what you are comfortable lifting. Always ask for help when moving heavy items such as furniture or appliances, especially when there are stairs involved. Also, remember to practice good form and use your legs to bear the weight in order to prevent back strain.

Label Your Boxes

Not only does labeling your boxes make the unpacking process a lot more organized, but it can also help you distinguish the boxes that need extra care when handling. You should mark all boxes with general labeling of its contents as well as “FRAGILE” in large visible text if appropriate.

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