Summer is a popular season for many people moving into a new home, and for good reason. Factors like mild weather, school summer breaks, and others can make this an ideal time to tackle this huge undertaking. As a provider of portable storage containers, UNITS® Moving & Portable Storage of Baltimore sees many customers making the most of spring as they move. For our top three tips on moving in the spring, read our blog below!

Don’t Neglect Your Spring Cleaning

Your soon-to-be former residence needs a thorough spring cleaning more now than ever! As you’re organizing all your stuff, you’ll probably realize that you no longer need or want a fair percentage of it. This gives you the perfect opportunity to sell, trash, or donate any unnecessary items, making your move that much lighter.

Use Weather & Timing to Your Advantage

As noted above, summer is a great season to move due to the balmy weather. No one wants to move heaps of furniture and other belongings in the freezing cold. This goes without mentioning your kids likely getting a summer break – being able to move without disrupting their schooling has clear benefits.

Rent a Portable UNITS Container

Finally, renting a portable UNITS container is the easiest way to make your move as smooth as possible. With one of our containers, you can safely and securely store and transport all your stuff to your new home hassle-free.

To learn more about how our moving and portable storage services or to get a free quote, call UNITS® Moving & Portable Storage of Baltimore today!

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