Preparing to buy a home in Baltimore? Like many other home-buyers moving to Baltimore, you’re likely planning to put everything in motion during the summer months. Sure, you’re likely to get sunny weather, but that’s not necessarily a positive during a Maryland summer! If you’d like to avoid the sweltering heat, there are, in fact, some advantages to moving to Baltimore in the fall. If you can be flexible with your move, the fall can be a fantastic time to settle in to your new home. Read on to see why the moving experts at UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Baltimore say fall might be the best time for some people to move!

Moving to Baltimore in the fall is cost-effective. It’s common sense: avoiding peak moving season means that you’ll likely find cheaper moving and storage services due to reduced demand. If you can put off your move to at least September, you’ll be well-positioned for a more budget-friendly move. On top of that, it’ll likely be easier to get your preferred date and time, as well.

You’ll likely have more comfortable weather. The Maryland summer sun is nothing to take lightly! While you’ll have a slightly higher chance for inclement weather in the fall, you’ll also have a much higher chance of a brisk day with a cooling breeze. Imagine moving all your belongs during a sweltering day in July – it’s not fun!

The housing market will be less competitive. If you haven’t already bought your house, you’ll notice that fall is a less competitive season in the housing market. While the market is typically smaller, this also means that you’ll have less pressure to buy. Bidding wars with other buyers can be stressful. Waiting until the fall might give you a more leisurely home-buying experience. If anything, it’s the perfect time to start looking!

If you’re going to embark on your move in the fall, just be sure to clear any foliage and debris in your way before you start packing or unloading your belongings! To learn more about how our services at UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Baltimore can help with your next move, contact us online or call us today!

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