Baltimore has wonderfully balmy, long summers, but the hot and often humid air can spell ruin for sensitive items and things kept in poorly ventilated storage space. At UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Baltimore we are used to dealing with these tough conditions. Here are a few tips and advisories to keep in mind when planning your summer storage or move.

Being wary of liquids

Storing or moving items that regularly come into contact with water or any liquid merits special attention. Make sure to thoroughly wash and dry anything that fits this description before stowing it away! Standing liquid is one of the primary causes of decay for wood and metals, and can evaporate and condense in the storage space, potentially damaging multiple items. If the object interacts with flammable liquids in any way, this care is ESSENTIAL. Spontaneous combustion is a very common occurrence in storage when flammable liquids and residue are not properly removed.

Consider the humidity of your area

Baltimore has a humid and rainy climate, the perfect storm for potential water damage. Make sure that you monitor the humidity levels where you live and inside the storage space you are using itself. UNITS storage solutions are all designed to be resistant to mold and moisture buildup, but many commercial and residential spaces aren’t. You can alleviate humidity in your storage space with a quality dehumidifier, but there are some less expensive options out there as well. If a dehumidifier is too pricey or not feasible, you can use a small bucket of charcoal briquettes as a natural dehumidifier. Place the bucket centrally in your storage space and the briquettes will naturally absorb moisture from the air. 

Research pricing and availability

If you decide that a UNITS storage solution is the best fit for your storage or moving needs, contact us immediately! Storage space availability tends to get taken up quickly in the summer months. Reach out to one of our service representatives today and ask them about how to plan ahead to get the best deal on a storage unit for the summer season. You’ll rest easy knowing your valuables are sitting safely in our state of the art units in our temperature-controlled facilities.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Baltimore is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service in moving and storage. Our patented storage containers and unparalleled customer service can accommodate all your moving and storage needs.

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