Many people in the real estate industry will tell you that spring is a fantastic time for moving to a new place. Everything from the balmy weather to your kids being on spring break can ease this transition in your life. As a moving and portable storage container company, we see many of our customers taking advantage of the season to make their big move. Read the top three tips for moving in the spring from the pros at UNITS of Baltimore below!

Leverage Weather & Timing

As stated above, spring is an optimal season to move if only for the mild weather. No one wants to sweat through their shirt as they move countless belongings in and out of their house. On top of that, if you have kids, they will likely have a spring break. Moving during this time will help you disrupt their schooling as little as possible, as well.

Embrace the Spring Cleaning Spirit

As you sort through all your stuff, you will likely realize that you don’t need or want certain items anymore. Since spring cleaning is already such an established tradition, why not take the opportunity to sell, donate, or trash these unnecessary items? You’ll have less stuff to transport to your new residence and possibly make some extra cash as a little bonus!

Rent a Portable Storage Container

Last but not least, renting a portable storage container can be the best way to facilitate your move no matter the season. A UNITS container allows you to safely and securely store and transport furniture and other belongings to your new residence hassle-free!

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