You’ve completed one of the most stressful parts of moving which is packing up  your things and relocating. Now it’s time to unpack and organize your  belongings in your brand new home. It can be overwhelming and you may not  know where to begin, but below are a few ways to unpack like a pro and finally  enjoy your humble abode.

Make a Schedule 

Creating a schedule pinpointing which days are dedicated to unpacking can be  useful. This gives you a chance to unpack effectively and efficiently, leaving you  less frazzled and stressed. This also allows you to set goals to stay motivated  and unpack as quickly as possible. 

Unpack Room by Room 

UNITS Moving & Portable Storage portable containers should’ve made packing  and sorting a breeze. With your things organized by category, start off unloading  one room at a time. Unpacking room by room to focus and with a schedule in  place, you’re less likely to feel swapped or frustrated. 

Prioritize Furniture 

Now that you’ve created a schedule and unpacking room by room, prioritize  which items need to be unloaded first. Let’s say you’re focusing on unpacking  your kitchen, put away the most important things such as dishes and glassware,  which are very fragile. Unpacking the most important things sets the foundation  before adding the decorative touches.  

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