With summer coming to a close, many people will be staging their homes for sale. Professionals in the real estate industry are more than familiar with this phenomenon. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then you should know that portable storage containers from UNITS® Moving & Portable Storage of Baltimore can help facilitate the staging process and make it easier than ever. For more tips, keep reading our blog below!

Store extraneous decorations and furniture.

Although this may seem a tad obvious, the chief way our portable storage containers help to facilitate the staging process is by storing whatever you don’t need. Whether you keep your UNITS container on-site or in our climate-controlled, secure warehouse is up to you. Either way, our temporary storage solutions give you the flex space you need as you stage your old home and move into your new residence.

Organize and separate staging furniture.

As you’re undertaking the moving process, portable storage containers can give you a convenient and secure space to sort your stuff. What will go to your new place? What needs to stay behind as you stage your old residence? What are you undecided on? Safely organize your things with a UNITS container!

Transport all your furniture and decorations with ease.

Portable storage containers from UNITS of Baltimore are for more than just storage – they are also very easily transportable! You can rest assured that any furniture and decorations you need to move as you stage your old home and move into your new residence will remain secure and safe from external hazards. 

To learn more about how our moving and portable storage services or to get a free quote, call UNITS® Moving & Portable Storage of Baltimore today!

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