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Moving to Meadowmont, Chapel Hill? UNITS is here to help!

Getting ready to make your move, but not sure which moving company to help you with your transition? Let UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Chapel Hill be there for every step of the way.  

Our state of the art container system keeps your belongings free of mold, water and even UV damage, making your move safer during any time of year. Experienced UNITS movers will take care of the heavy lifting (literally!) to get your container from one place to the next.  

To let us determine how to best meet your moving needs, simply give us a call at (385) 202-2365 to get a quote  and get started!


Welcome to your new home in Meadowmont! Check out these must see places

Meadowmont serves as a connection between the old and the new, bridging the newly build residential and commercial community with the 1930’s built DuBose family home named “Meadowmont House”. Their home serves as the heart of Meadowmont with gorgeous acreage and landscaping,  a historical landmark in North Carolina, and blends nicely with the “Meadowmont Village” which is where the newly built portion of town exists.  Just minutes form UNC-Chapel Hill and less than 15 miles from both the Raleigh-Durham Airport and Duke University, Meadowmont is perfectly located right in the middle of anything you could want or need.

Meadowmont Village

Renamed “Meadowmont Village“, this was the old town square. Perfect for walking around with friends or family, browsing the local shops and offices, running some errands or stopping at a cafe or a bite to eat.  The quintessential quiet southern town, Meadowmont Village is the perfect place to relax and enjoy!

Fusion Fish

An award-wining sushi and Asian cuisine restaurant, Fusion Fish is a must go.  With a relaxing and clean design, Fusion Fish offers incredible and fresh sushi as well as other Asian style favorites.  Their emphasis on freshness and beautiful dishes is truly an experience.  They also offer a sushi making class, a great way to enjoy a great meal with a little bit of a personal and interactive twist!


Moving and Packing Supplies in Meadowmont, Chapel Hill

Lowe’s Home Improvement:

1801 Fordham Blvd

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

(919) 967-3289


Let UNITS help make your move to Meadowmont by calling (385) 202-2365 to get a quote and get started!

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