It’s August, and that means it’s the hottest month and one of the most popular and busiest months for moving. With more intense heat because of climate change and the need for masks still ongoing, the heat can become a health hazard very quickly. Here are some tips to beat the heat and avoid heat exhaustion during your summer move in Charlotte so you can move safely and happily.


  • Start early. In the summer, the day tends to start out cool and then steadily get hotter until noon and into afternoon. One of the most important tips is to start early in the day to avoid the noon/afternoon sun beating down on you. Start as early as you possibly can, as moves can take several hours. Or, separate it out over a few mornings.
  • Keep water handy. Dehydration can make the onset of heat exhaustion faster. Be sure to keep water close by the entire time you’re moving, and remember to drink water even if you’re not thirsty if you’re in the sun a lot.
  • Provide water for your movers. If you’ve hired movers for your move, be sure to provide water for them as well, especially if they don’t have any. Since they’ll be doing the brunt of the work in and out of the sun, it’s likely they’ll get dehydrated faster. Have water bottles and maybe even a wet towel or sunblock for your movers. Keep in mind that the more refreshed they feel, the faster they’ll get the job done.
  • Apply sunscreen/sunblock. This is an obvious one, but should be stated nonetheless. If you’re going to be in the sun for extended periods of time, you should definitely have a strong sunscreen nearby. Be sure to reapply often, as sweat can wash off sunscreen. Follow the instructions on your particular package of sunblock for specific guidelines.
  • Change out your mask. If you’re working near other people, you should keep your mask on. However, if it becomes saturated with sweat from working in the sun, it can obstruct airflow and make it harder to breathe, especially if you’re using a cloth mask. Change out your mask for a fresh one if the one you’re working with becomes too wet to breathe through.
  • Wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothes. You’re working in the sun, which means you should be wearing clothes that will reflect rather than absorb the heat. Wearing materials like linen in white or other light colors will keep you cool and increase airflow between your skin and your clothes.
  • Take breaks. You may feel like you’re on a time crunch since we began this blog post saying you should start early and avoid the noon heat. However, it’s wisest to take breaks every once in a while. Seek shade, sit down, and have a good drink of water. Over-exertion is a recipe for heat exhaustion when it’s hot outside and the sun is beating down on you.
  • Use UNITS. With UNITS, you don’t have to adhere to anyone’s schedule except your own. Simply call us and we’ll deliver a storage unit to your home, where you can load it on your timetable. You can have us deliver it, you can load it early in the day with lots of water nearby, and avoid heat exhaustion entirely.


All in all, the main takeaways should be to not spend too much time in the direct sun and drink lots of water. Using these tips, you should be able to avoid heat exhaustion and make your move go smoothly and productive.

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