If you’re new to moving and storage, packing can seem like a daunting process. Breaking down a room into just a few boxes can seem like a complex puzzle. However, packing can be far less challenging than you think. Follow these easy and straightforward tips to pack any room!

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Set-up a Workspace

It’s impossible to pack a room if you don’t have the space to break down and organize your stuff. Clear off a workspace to sort, wrap and pack your belongings so that you aren’t constantly bumping or knocking into stuff while working. Keep boxes and packing material onhand and so you can pack as you sort. Not only will you be more organized, but you will pack more efficiently as well.

Protect Your Breakables

One of the worst things that can happen after a move is discovering that something broke because of inadequate protection during packing. Every room has breakable items and it’s important to pack these items with enough padding and packing material to survive the transition. There are even breakables in the bathroom too – items like electronics, hand mirrors, and glass vials should be adequately protected to prevent damage during moving and storage.

Label Carefully

When packing for moving and storage, properly labeling your boxes is crucial for keeping your belonging organized. Detailed labeling makes unpacking a breeze by allowing you to know exactly what’s inside before unpacking it. For moving, having unlabeled boxes only leads to disorganization when unloading your boxes. You should especially label any boxes that you plan on storing as it can be easy to forget the contents of boxes left in storage.

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