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Bessemer is a small suburb in the Gaston county area that is home to some of the beauties that North Carolina has to offer. We at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage will readily be at your service throughout your move to the wondrous Bessemer City. 

With our great customer service, and an abundance of moving and packing services, we can help make the dreadful moving process a breeze. One of our key services involves our UNITS containers. 

These containers exemplify the elements of safety and protection to your precious belongings during your move to Bessemer City. We at UNITS also integrate our process with the ROBO-Lift technology, which gives your valuable items even more protection. 

Since we share the same locally owned roots of our clientele, we understand how the expense of moving to a new location can be the biggest brick wall. Which is why our business processes involve cutting unnecessary costs wherever possible, and providing our customers with the most cost-effective moving solutions. 

We also give importance to our customer service, by providing you with a smooth and hassle free packing and moving process. Our systematic approach helps you stay organized and efficient. Call us now at (704) 350-2856 and get a free quote on our products.

The local attractions of Bessemer City

Bessemer city has everything that you need in a developed city, from schools, churches, restaurants, parks and every other facility that constitutes a modern city. You can also find a chain of the best fast food restaurants that are favorites of many. 

Bessemer City Park

For family settlers that have children, you can take them here for a safe and fun time on the slides. The infrastructure of  this park follows a high standard, and to many in the close by neighborhood, it is the perfect spot to find shade on a sunny day. 

Whiskey Mill, Bessemer City

There is nothing like the local bar. This place provides you with home-brewed liquor, giving you a taste of the Bessemer beer. You can come here for a relaxing night of pool, drinks and live music. 

Home Improvement Stores in Bessemer

Below are some Home Improvement Stores in Bessemer City, for your packing and storing supply needs. 

CEC Renovations

120 S Inman Ave, Bessemer City, NC 28016, United States


Lowe’s Home Improvement

3250 E Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, NC 28056, United States


The Home Depot

2870 E Franklin Blvd, Gastonia, NC 28056, United States


Ready To Make The Move?


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