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Cherryville is a small city of Gaston County with a unique German heritage, which is why you will notice some customary celebrations of the city which intrigue tourists from around the nation. In the 18th century, the city of Cheryville accounted for a large number of German settlements, which came from the state of Pennsylvania.  

If you want to be a part of the culturally rich Cherryville, and follow the path of the 18th century German settlers, then we can help fulfill your wish. We at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage can help make your move a success by providing you with excellent moving and storage services. 

We also make sure that you have all the right equipments and tools at your disposal that keep your belongings safe during their shift to Cherryville. Our UNITS containers are of the highest quality, and shelter your possessions using a hard exterior covering.

On top of that, we also initiate our ROBO-Lift technology, which further adds to damage protection. Our climate-controlled storage facilities help you store your valuables in close confinement so that they are safe from environmental damage. 

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Some local attractions in Cherryville

Since the small City of Cherryville is so rich in culture and heritage, there are many places here that act as centers of appreciation and displays of historical significance. These include museums, memorial parks and informational centers. 

Cherryville Historical Society

This is an ideal location that will unequivocally present you with the most authentic history of Cherryville. A visit here will undoubtedly help you marvel the city even more. 

Black Park

This is one of the many green spaces of Cherryville. This park is at a central location to many neighboring areas.  Hence, it is the perfect place to meet new people of the town and interact and build new relationships. 

Packing Supplies in Cherryville

Your move to Cherryville can spell out difficulties if you do not have useful packing and storing supplies. Below are some of the best home improvement stores in Cherryville. 

Depot Salvage 3

504 N Mountain St, Cherryville, NC 28021, United States

Saines Hardware & Garden Center

127 Spake Rd, Lincolnton, NC 28092, United States


Dollar Tree

1207 Shelby Hwy, Cherryville, NC 28021, United States


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