Packing is arguably the most important aspect of moving. Failing to pack your items properly or in a timely fashion could result in your belongings being damaged or being unprepared for the date of your move. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when packing.

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Not giving yourself enough time to pack

Packing properly takes careful planning and execution. If you leave your packing for the last minute, you risk damaging your items in the last minute rush. Avoid this by planning out a packing schedule at least a month in advance.

Packing too early

On the other hand, packing your belongings too early can also have a negative impact. If all your belongings are packed while you are still residing at your current home, you will likely find yourself having unpacking boxes to look for something that you need

Not downsizing your move

When you have a lot of  belongings, choosing to pack them all can lead to some negative effects. Not only will you have to dedicate more time to packing, but your move is most likely going to cost more as a result. Because movers tend to charge by weight, failing to downsize your belongings could cost you a hefty amount if moving over longer distances.

We hope our tips help prepare you for your transition. If they made your move to Charlotte any easier, please let us know in the comments below. To get a free quote on your UNITS container, call UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Charlotte at (704) 350-2856 today!

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