Swedish Death Cleaning: Is It For Me?

In the year of 2018 we are starting to hear a new trend for decluttering your home called “Swedish Death Cleaning”. This may have a bad ring to it but truly it does not, and Wade Malloch, the Regional Manager at UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is happy to give an explanation of what this decluttering method truly is and the process of how it works as well as where to start. Wade has given us an insight into this method on the morning news in the CBS Charlotte studio, so give it a watch and see if this could be beneficial to you!

If you are looking for a new way to declutter your home or need moving and storage solutions, don’t hesitate! Give UNITS Moving and Portable Storage of Charlotte a call – From moving to storage they do it all! If you would like to watch the tv spot, click the following link and give it a watch. It is truly insightful and if you know anyone that could benefit from this please give it a share!

Here is the link to the video: Click Here

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