The Unique Technology of UNITS

UNITS Storage and Moving in Charlotte is committed to bringing our customers the best and most secure solutions for their needs. The following are several technological advantages that we think put us above and beyond any other personal storage option out there. 

Free Quote Calculator

This simple but effective tool has done wonders for our happy customers. The quote calculator makes getting an accurate estimate of the cost of your storage with us easy and gives our customers the ability to compare our prices to our competitors. This helps keep our prices low and our business transparent, giving our customers the confidence that they are getting the best deal around.

ETRACK Securing System

Our units are designed from the ground up to be as user-friendly, stable, and secure as possible. In an effort to make it easy for our customers to secure and manage their items, we have installed ETRACK securing systems standard in all our units. This advanced rail system provides ample fixtures for attaching ropes, belts, bungee cords, and other fastening and holding gear to keep your items secure inside the unit. ETRACK is designed for maximum utility and security, ensuring that your items are secured to the utmost degree.


This recent technological innovation is a revolutionary convenience for our customers living in urban areas. The Robo-unit is a proprietary loading system that attaches directly to the storage unit. Instead of loading off the back of a truck or with a forklift, the Robo-unit is compact and able to load in and retrieve your unit from tight spaces. Alleyways, garages, and other compact spaces are now feasible locations to house a UNITS storage solution. Additionally, the Robo-unit is able to keep the unit level as it moves, greatly reducing the risk of shifting items during transport.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service in moving and storage. Our patented storage containers and unparalleled customer service can accommodate all your moving and storage needs. Find your local UNITS center or call (704) 350-2856 to get started!

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