With a population of 826,060, Charlotte represents the second largest metropolitan area in North Carolina and counts among the ten fastest growing cities in the US. Charlotte’s abundance of job opportunities, affordable homes, pleasant weather, and excellent school systems all serve as prime reasons to move to this burgeoning city.

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Charlotte Climate

The climate in Charlotte is considered humid subtropical with hot summers and short winters. In the summer, Charlotte’s temperature averages around 90u2109 during the hottest months of the year. Winters in Charlotte are mild with 32u2109 being the average in the cooler months. The climate of Charlotte makes it perfect for those who enjoy hot summers and dislike cold winters

Living in Charlotte

Considered one of the best cities to live in North Carolina, Charlotte offers residents a suburban feel where everyone knows each other. Real estate in Charlotte is split almost evenly, with 53% of residents owning homes and 47% of residents being renters. The majority of residents in Charlotte are families, but many young professionals reside there as well.

Cost of Living in Charlotte

Living costs are reasonable and low compared to other major cities. The average cost of living in Charlotte is five percent lower than the national average, with housing being the lowest expense at about 15% lower than the national average. Housing in Charlotte is split almost evenly between renters and homeowners with the median rent running $1,018 and the average home listed at $187,000

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