It’s no secret that the winter months are the least desired months for relocation. Cold temperature and finicky weather can introduce a completely different set of challenges for your move. However, with some early preparation, winter can become a convenient and affordable time of year to move. Here’s how you can make your winter move easy.

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Start Packing ASAP

Just like any move, the first step to success is getting a head start on your packing. Start by sorting out the belongings that you won’t have immediate use for: extra clothes/bedding, off-season items, fine dinnerware, and similar items can be packed first to save time down the line.

Flexibility is Key

Winter weather can be unpredictable and that can be a challenge when you’re working with a deadline. There’s nothing worse than missing moving day because of bad weather. Traditional companies may be difficult to work with during this time of year, so you may want to consider a portable storage container for more flexibility in your moving date. 

Prepare Your New Home For Unpacking

You don’t want to arrive to your new home to discover that the driveway is full of snow. If possible, you should always prepare your new home for unpacking prior to your arrival. Make sure to ensure all walkways are safe and clear of snow and ice to avoid any unfortunate accidents from happening. You should also lay down a protective layering on your floors to prevent water and grime from accumulating on your floors. 

Allow Extra Time for Travel

Road conditions aren’t exactly optimal during the winter. If you are driving to your new home in inclement weather, you should take your time and drive at a safe pace. Allow yourself at least 20-30 minute extra for travel if you plan on driving to your new home.

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