Moving day can be one of the most stressful days of the moving process. However, you can avoid unnecessary stress and make moving day worry free by being proactive and planning ahead. Here are some tips to keep moving day from going downhill. 

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Remember Your Essentials Box

Prior to your move, you should pack an essentials box for your first few days at your home. This box should contain everything and your family needs until your belongings are delivered. This includes changes of clothes and any prescription medication and other day-to-day items.

Keep Snacks on Hand

It’s important to have energy for the amount of labor involved in the moving process. However, if you are working on a time crunch, it can be difficult to take a break to eat. That’s why you should keep plenty of snacks and beverages around to keep you and those helping you. We recommend filling and healthy snacks like granola bars or trail mix for sustained energy when moving.

Check the Forecast

Unplanned rain or snow and really put a dampener on your move. Prior to moving day, you should check the weather daily so you can be properly prepared in case of bad weather. If you know a storm is coming, you can make the necessary preparations (wear appropriate clothing, lay tarps down) to adapt.

Map Your Route

If you are traveling to your new home by road, it can be beneficial to map your route on a GPS beforehand. By mapping your route you can see whether there’s any accidents or hazards causing delays and plan your route accordingly. 

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