Are you gearing up for your move to Chicago? If you’re like many other people when they relocate, you’re probably thinking about making your move to Chicago in the summer. It’s typically the best time of the year for the housing market and you might expect sunny weather come moving time. However, there are other factors to consider that might make waiting until September or October an even better option. If you can be flexible with your moving schedule, the fall months could provide you with a more relaxing and overall smoother moving experience. The moving experts at UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Chicago have listed the top three benefits to moving to Chicago in the fall below.

Your wallet will thank you. It’s common sense: if you avoid the big rush of home-buyers moving in the summer, you’ll likely benefit from reduced rates if you hire professional moving and storage services in the Chicago area. Many people choose to move in the summer because their kids are off from school; if that’s not a factor for you, then you have all the more reason to move in fall. Even better, you’ll find that scheduling the services you need on your preferred dates is probably easier, as well.

You’ll probably have better weather. While Chicago doesn’t have the most brutal summer temperatures, it’s still no fun to unload all your belongings in sweltering 85 degree weather. Why not wait for a crisp fall day in late September. Just remember to check the weather forecast!

The housing market slows down. This factor has both pros and cons, naturally. However, a slower housing market means that you’ll have less pressure making an offer and potentially even more leverage. Don’t underestimate just how exhausting a bidding war can be. If you wait until the housing market slows down, you’ll likely have a much more headache-free home-buying experience.

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