When moving or freeing up space around your home, how you pack your furniture is important in keeping it in good condition. Keep your furniture safe and protected during moving and storage with these furniture packing tips.

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Remove Moving Parts

Loose or movable components like shelves, doors and drawers can shift, move and get damaged when furniture is being moved around. You should remove any moving parts of your furniture prior to moving it and pack them separately to keep them protected. This also applies to parts of furniture that stick out as well as any glass panes/mirrors that can be removed.

Wrap with Care

For most items, a blanket wrapping provides adequate protection to survive the conditions of moving and storage. However, if you have antiques or fragile pieces, it may be necessary to take extra precautions. Consider purchasing wooden crates for protecting furniture items that require more protection.

Keep Track of Small Components

When disassembling your furniture, you want to make sure you keep every small component so that you’ll aren’t missing any pieces for reassembly. Keep track of any screws, bolts and other small pieces you remove by storing them in plastic bags. Mark the furniture pieces the parts belong to with a label or marker on the bag and then tape the bag to the corresponding piece.

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