As the holiday season draws to a close, you can feel it creep up. The need to put away all your wonderful decorations and ornaments is growing stronger! Instead of dreading this sad event, try some of these fantastic tricks to keep your ornaments organized and safe for next year.

Pack up your artificial tree

Artificial trees are a great way to save yourself costs and hassle down the road, but they can be a nightmare to store effectively. But when you wrap your tree with shrink wrap, you can bring the branches in tight to the trunk and reduce the tree to the size of a rolled-up carpet. A perfect solution for any situation where storage space is at a premium.

Store garlands in water bottles

When you take garlands off the wall, they tend to tangle immediately. This inconvenience frequently motivates folks to ignore this delightful decorative option entirely. Believe it or not, simply feeding one end of the garland string into any disposable plastic water bottle will cause it to naturally coil. This storage method prevents tangling and gives you an easy way to keep track of your garlands. Plus, you can often fit two or three per bottle, a great space-saving option!

Use plastic cups to store ornaments

Use this DIY trick to improve your ornament and small decoration storage! Buy a set or two of regular plastic Solo cups and glue/tape them facing up on any large flat surface, like a piece of thick cardboard or a plywood sheet. This creates neat and convenient cubbies for you to place each individual ornament in. Perfect for stacking, this simple build will act as a highly protective and dynamic storage solution.

Clear plastic bags are your friend

A simple but eternally effective tactic is to simply bag the things you can’t seem to fit in with anything else. A little bit of foam or packing peanuts can do a lot to protect bagged items from damage, and bags always make your items easy to find again in a closet or drawer.

Wrap your lights

When you pack up your string lights, wrap each strand around a strip of cardboard or plastic instead of around your forearm. This provides you with an easy way to pack many light strings together tightly without worrying about tangles, and it gives you an easy way to write labels for your lights.

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