The winter season brings a lot of joy, excitement – and germs! Especially during what will be remembered as a year of the global pandemic with COVID-19. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can combat illness-causing germs in your home, and help prevent the spread of infection. Here are four ways to help keep your North Virginia home germ-free this winter!

Routinely Disinfect

High-traffic areas in your home are especially prone to harboring germs and bacteria year-round, but in the winter, with the influx of special guests and visitors, germs are even more widespread. Help nip them in the bud by routinely disinfecting high-traffic areas. These areas include your home entryway or hallway (make sure to clean those doorknobs and doorbells!), kitchen, dining room, and sitting or living rooms. When disinfecting shared living spaces, don’t forget to clean television remotes, tablets, all light switches, and other communal objects. Try to make it a habit to deep clean all of these spaces at least twice a week, but if a thorough deep clean isn’t possible, use a germ-cleaning spray over all surfaces and then wipe down to kill viruses before they spread.

Don’t Neglect Linens

When cleaning your home this winter, make a special effort to deep clean fabrics, pillows, and bed linens. Bed linens not only collect germs and allergens but also harmful dust mites that can irritate sinuses and exacerbate winter sniffles. Throw all your bed linens in the wash several times per week, and of course, wash any guest bedsheets and comforters prior to a new houseguest arriving. Make sure to wash your couch pillows in hot water once a week – if the pillows aren’t a wash-friendly fabric, spray them with disinfectant and hand-fluff.  

Let Light In

Natural light is a great way to keep the air inside your home from going stagnant and to brighten up the entire space. Plus, rays of sunlight are proven to kill certain strains of bacteria naturally. You don’t have to crack windows and let in chilly winter air in order to air out your home – just draw the curtains, open the blinds, and turn on your ceiling fans. The air circulation will make for an almost instant mood-lifter. If you have some essential oils to diffuse while airing out the space, even better. A bright, cheerful citrus oil or room spray will give your whole home a beautiful atmosphere and an inviting scent, perfect to welcome family.

Wash Hands Often

The most popular tip, and one that people of all ages should heed is to practice frequent hand-washing, both in your own home and when out and about. Make it a habit to wash your hands when leaving a store or restaurant, before you even return home, in order to avoid bringing any germs into the house with you. Children should also get into the habit of washing their hands frequently at home so that when they are out, they are more likely to practice good hygiene (and less likely to get sick!)

Hand sanitizer is a life-saver, for times when you can’t find a convenient hand-washing station. Put bottles of hand sanitizer in your car for easy access, in fun seasonal scents to help keep you in the holiday spirit. Of course, the combination of frequent hand washing and the cooler winter air means that your hands are more likely to get dry and even crack, so moisturize with a light lotion after every hand wash.

We hope that these tips for a germ-free home will help you to enjoy a happy, healthy winter season! For more advice and ideas on home décor, storage, and much more, check out the UNITS Moving and Portable Storage website, and contact us if you need help getting moved into your dream home!

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