If you’re moving to the North Virginia area sometime in the near future, you are more than likely going to pack a portable storage container or moving truck with your belongings. Portable storage containers, in particular, can prove particularly convenient. If you are working with a company like UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of North Virginia, you can pack your UNIT, have it shipped to your new residence, and go on to unpack everything without worrying about moving a heavy container.

If you have never packed a portable storage container before, though, you might be a little overwhelmed with the logistics. Even if you have, it’s never too late for some useful guidelines. That’s why our packing pros have put together four handy tips for packing your portable storage container below!

  1. Pack your boxes according to weight. Before you even think about packing the portable storage container, make sure that you have some kind of system for packing your boxes. For example, make sure you don’t over-pack a box full of heavy items. You might also want to think about putting heavy items in smaller boxes to make it easier to lift them. You’ll also want to make sure the boxes you use are easily stackable.
  2. Protect fragile belongings. As a general rule, you should wrap anything that could possibly be damaged while moving. Delicate heirlooms, electronics, or anything else that could easily break if it shifts during delivery should be wrapped in bubble wrap, clothing, or newspaper.
  3. Put essential items towards the front. Almost nobody unpacks all their belongings right away. Even if you do, though, you’ll likely want to put all your essential household items and toiletries towards the front of the portable storage container to make sure you can easily and quickly access them.
  4. Pack vertically. As you pack your portable storage container, work from the back of the UNIT to the front and from the floor to the ceiling. Packing like this will allow you to move around the unit as you work while also ensuring your belongings are snug – you don’t want your stuff to bounce around when the container moves!

We hope these tips help make the packing process that much easier for you and your family. For any questions about our services or to reserve your portable storage container, call UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of North Virginia today!

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