Packing you portable storage container will make whatever life event you’re having seem even more real. Maybe even overpowering. Moving can be traumatizing and for some people, so can organizing the process.

Nevertheless, UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of North Virginia can offer a few tips to help you get started.

If You Don’t Love It, Toss It

First, be ruthless in getting rid of whatever isn’t being stored or moved. Touch nothing twice. Your time will be better spent on the sorting and sifting if it’s done once.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand… Things You Can Fit In a Box

Another good idea: Take pictures of what you’ve got in the box and if you can, print out that picture and attach them to boxes so that you know what is stored where. Anything particularly valuable in there? Make a note.

Some General Reminders

And now, a few reminders about usage of a UNITS portable storage container.

  • No hazardous materials. That includes fuels and fertilizers.
  • Liquids. The containers they are in can leak and ruin everything around them. Dampness or wetness can also lead to mold.
  • Anything that’s alive. Please, please, please, no people or pets. Not as a joke, a prank, or a punishment. Same goes for plants. Absent light and moisture, they will die and decay.

UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of North Virginia is here to help you however we can with your move. Call us today for a free quote!

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