The deal is done. Your North Virginia area house has sold. The new home, maybe across town or perhaps a few hours away, awaits. But in 2021 moving feels a little different, and it is.

Aside from getting everything you own – furniture, clothing, kitchenware, toys, bicycles – to that lovely new domicile, you’ve got other considerations to worry about – who will do the packing, heavy lifting, and how long will all that take? You may hire a moving company, but having additional people in your home may be concerning. Another option you might consider is a portable storage container that you’re able to pack yourself, such as those provided by UNITS Moving & Portable of Northern Virginia.

What should factor into your thinking as you go about selecting a moving solution? Here are a few tips:

  • Get more than one estimate. Why settle on the first sales pitch you hear? We generally recommend that three estimates be given. You’ll get a better feel for the company with a representative giving everything that will be going on the truck a good look and a fair suggestion of the load weight.
  • Like what you heard? Picked a company? Before you sign anything, check for referrals and ask your local Better Business Bureau how the company rates. If there are a lot of complaints, both word of mouth and with the BBB, start again. And be sure the company is licensed and insured.
  • Count of UNITS for help. If you are packing items to be stored in the short term, we can help with that and with the move.

For any moving or portable storage related questions, contact UNITS Moving & Portable Storage of Northern Virginia.

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