As a local moving and storage company with years of experience, we’re very familiar with the frustrations people often have during the process. For a successful move, our customers often need to organize and keep track of many logistical details. Unfortunately, many people even have difficulties with the moving process beyond that. Chief among these difficulties is finding the motivation to pack all your stuff. We don’t blame them for dreading what sometimes feels like such a monumental task.

No need to worry, though – we’ve learned a few tried-and-true strategies for giving your motivation the boost it sorely needs. That having been said, our portable storage solutions go a long way towards making your move much smoother and more convenient. To get a free quote on our services, call UNITS Moving & Storage of New Orleans today! To learn more about how you can improve your packing motivation, read our top three tips below.

  1. Devise and follow a packing checklist.

The task of packing all your belongings can seem impossible to tackle. Where do you even start? Although you can go about this process in any number of ways – completing one room at a time, for example – we advise including a timeline element to the checklist, too. This will help you conserve your energy by breaking down the task into chunks as well as ensuring that you’re finished by moving day. Finally, we recommend going from the toughest part of your checklist to the simplest. It’s much easier to maintain motivation when you know your next steps will take less effort!

  1. Downsize before or as you pack.

Although it might seem obvious, not everyone thinks to thin down their belongings as they pack. It’s simple – if you have less things, packing will be much more painless! As you go through your packing checklist, consider organizing items into “keep,” “donate,” “sell,” and/or “trash” categories. This step can not only help you save money but also make you a little money on the side, as well.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Asking friends or family for help with the moving process can sometimes feel awkward. Most people have likely dreaded the same request for help from their loved ones. If you’re upfront with just how much work will be involved and follow through with the promise of food, a party, or another means of showing appreciation, however, your helpers will be much happier about lending you a hand. If they still refuse to help, though, don’t think ill of them! In all likelihood, they have a good reason.

We hope that these tips make your upcoming move to Nashville a little easier! If you have any more methods for improving your packing motivation, let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, don’t forget to get a free quote on our services. Call UNITS Moving & Storage of New Orleans & Gulf Coast today!

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