Packing can be stressful and a pain. We’ve all been there. When you have young kids, that can add to the stress of moving. Your kids might be sad or upset that they have to move and say goodbye to their friends in New Orleans. Getting the kids involved with the packing and moving process can turn into a wonderful family memory and can help ease the stress that comes with moving. Here are five creative ways to get the kids involved with the move.

  • Decorate your moving boxes. This is a great idea if you need to keep the kids busy while you pack while still contributing to the process. Break out the sticker packs, markers, colored pencils and construction paper and your kids will be decorating in no time. Not only will you have the coolest moving boxes around, this is also a great activity if your kids are sad about moving.
  • Let the kids help decide what to keep and what to donate. Depending on their age, now could be a great opportunity to teach them about donating and sharing with others by helping them or letting them sort through their own belongings. This serves two purposes: you’re helping declutter and they learn a valuable lesson! Additionally, let them help with sorting items in the house into a “keep” or “donate” pile. While you ultimately get to decide what goes where, they’ll be happy to be a part of the process.
  • Let them help clean. You’d be surprised — give a kid their own spray bottle and rag and they’ll be happy to help you clean. Even the younger kids can help by cleaning things like low cabinets and other low-to-the-ground objects.
  • Make unpacking fun. Make unpacking a competition. Hide little trinkets or prizes in each moving box. You’ll be unpacked in no time if all the kids are involved for an incentive.
  • Have a camp-out. Once you have everything cleaned and put away, have a little camp-out in the front or back yard. This would ideally be on one of your last nights in the house. Roast some marshmallows, order takeout and snuggle up and watch a movie. This makes for a wonderful family memory.

With these 5 creative tips, your kids will get involved with the packing and moving process in no time.


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