We’ve all been there: your kid goes off to college and then suddenly there’s an empty room in the house no one is using. With so many working from home these days, it’s the perfect opportunity to rethink your home office. You move into your kid’s bedroom with your child none the wiser.

But, it’s that time of year again. It’s May in Orange County and it’s time for your kids to come back home for the summer holidays. They want their room back, and you need to rethink your home office AGAIN. Here are some tips for moving your home office out of your child’s bedroom while keeping your sanity.

  • Contact UNITS. If you plan on storing your home office, contact UNITS. With convenient, durable storage containers delivered right to your home, storing your home office will be a breeze. You can call UNITS, and we’ll deliver a container to your home where you can load it at your leisure. That way, the only time constraint you’ll have to worry about is your kid coming home from school.
  • Protect your belongings. If you’re moving a wooden desk and you’re likely to store items on top of it, be sure to put down a moving blanket or tarp to protect the wood finish. This way, you’ll make sure your desk comes out of storage the same way it went in!
  • Be mindful of humidity. If you’re storing at home, you have to take into account the humidity in your home or in your storage unit, no matter what your climate is like. Here are some home hacks for dehumidifying your storage space.
    • Use charcoal. Charcoal absorbs moisture from the air naturally. You will first need a large container or can with a lid and some charcoal briquettes. Poke holes in the container as well as the lid, then put your charcoal in the can and put the lid on. Then, place in your storage area. In order to keep your homemade dehumidifier working, you’ll need to change the charcoal every few months.
    • Use road salt. Road salt is another way you can dehumidify your home or storage area. Road salt, or de-icing salt, can be purchased in most hardware stores. To make a road salt dehumidifier, place a large amount of it in a cheesecloth bag, then hang the open bag in your storage area. Be sure to put a receptacle underneath the bag to collect the excess moisture the salt collects from the air. 
    • Or contact UNITS! All of our facilities are climate controlled, so you don’t have to worry about the level of humidity your items are exposed to. Simply call us when you’re finished loading your storage container, and we’ll have it delivered to our temperature and humidity-controlled facility for safe keeping.
  • Use this opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. By moving and rethinking your home office, you can take stock of what items need to stay and what items need to go. Remember to set aside unwanted books to gift or to donate, and shred your unneeded documents so identity thieves can’t get your information.
  • Make different boxes for different item categories. There are lots of little things that come with a home office – miscellaneous office supplies, folders, files, creature comforts, etc. Try and make different boxes for all these different item categories so you can keep track of everything. Use small boxes and be sure to label them.

With these tips, you’re sure to get your home office out of your child’s bedroom before they get back from school, so they can have their room back and you can be at peace.

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