Though summer is the time many people move, winter may be more appealing to your average mover. Here are 5 reasons why moving in the winter can bode better for your move.

  1. Temperate Winter

This one may seem obvious — Orange County experiences a lot of heat during most of the year. Winter is likely to be your best bet when it comes to moving or moving items to and from storage. You beat the heat and don’t have to worry about overworking and potentially exposing yourself to heat-related injuries. 


     2. Humidity

Though Orange County is more of a dry climate, humidity is still a factor to take into account. If you’ve moved or stored before, you’ll know that humidity can make or break moves and storage. For the most part, you’ll want to avoid humid days for moves as it can make heat that much more oppressive and can expose your items to humidity damage. Moving in the winter in Orange County paired with UNITS can minimize your items’ exposure to humidity damage by choosing one of our weatherproof storage units and storing them in one of our climate-controlled facilities.


     3. More likely to find cheaper rents and leases in the winter

Winter is just not a high-demand season for landlords, giving you more flexibility to negotiate and work with them than in the summer season. If you’re a student or young professional, make sure to keep an eye out for listings starting as soon as November. Landlords may want to give you priority in the lower-demand months just to get what they can. Winter is generally a fruitful time for looking for leases — though if you have to cut your lease short with a different rent, it may not be worth it.


     4. The move is likely to go faster

Because the move is happening in the winter, you can count on there being less general traffic on the roads. In the summer, many people take the time to go vacationing or road-tripping, or even, indeed, moving. This clogs up the roads and generally makes for more time in transit. In the winter, however (save for winter holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas), you’ll find less people on the roads overall.


     5. Winter is a slower and more flexible time for everyone

This includes businesses like movers, but it can also include calling in favors from family or friends. They’re likely to have less excuses in the winter season than in the summer or other seasons, so if you need it, they’ll be more available to help out.

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